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Luxembourg Physical features of Luxembourg.
Sûre River Sûre River on the border between Germany (left) and Luxembourg (right), near Weilerbach, Luxembourg.

The southern two-thirds of Luxembourg is known as the Bon Pays, or Gutland (French and German: “Good Land”). This region has a more-varied topography and an average elevation of 800 feet (about 245 metres). The Bon Pays is much more densely populated than the Oesling and contains the capital city, Luxembourg, as well as smaller industrial cities such as Esch-sur-Alzette . In the centre of the Bon Pays, the valley of the northward-flowing Alzette River forms an axis around which the country’s economic life is organized. Luxembourg city lies along the Alzette, which joins the Sûre farther north.

Luxembourg city: Alzette River

In the east-central part of the Bon Pays lies a great beech forest, the Müllerthal, as well as a sandstone area featuring an attractive ruiniform topography. The country’s eastern border with Germany is formed (successively from north to south) by the Our, Sûre, and Moselle rivers. The slopes of the Moselle River valley, carved in chalk and calcareous clay, are covered with vineyards and receive a substantial amount of sunshine, which has earned the area the name “Little Riviera.” Besides vineyards, the fertile soils of the Moselle and lower Sûre valleys also support rich pasturelands. Luxembourg’s former iron mines are located in the extreme southwest, along the duchy’s border with France.

Luxembourg has a mild climate with considerable precipitation. The north is slightly colder and more humid than the south. The mean temperatures in Luxembourg city range from the mid-30s F (about 0.7 °C) in January to the low 60s F (about 17 °C) in July, but in the Oesling both extremes are slightly lower. The Oesling receives more precipitation than the Bon Pays, but the greatest amount, about 40 inches (1,000 mm), and the least, about 27 inches (about 685 mm), fall in the southwest and southeast, respectively. The sheltered valley of the Moselle River benefits from a gentler and sunnier climate than does the rest of the duchy.

Luxembourg has been one of the historic crossroads of Europe, and myriad peoples have left their bloodlines as well as their cultural imprints on the grand duchy. The Celts, the Belgic peoples known as the Treveri, the Ligurians and Romans from Italy , and especially the Franks were most influential. The language spoken by Luxembourg’s native inhabitants is Womens Sea Island Cotton Briefs Hanro Free Shipping Best Buy Cheap Best Place Limited New yK37in
, or Lëtzebuergesch, a Moselle-Franconian dialect of German that has been enriched by many French words and phrases. Luxembourgish is the national language; German and French are both languages of administration. There is a strong sense of national identity among Luxembourgers despite the prevalence of foreign influences. The great majority of Luxembourg’s native citizens are Roman Catholic, with a small number of Protestants (mainly Lutherans), Jews, and Muslims.



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There is no one true way for adding interactions due to variety of platforms, devices, input methods that A-Frame can support. On top of that, VR interaction is open-ended. Unlike the 2D Web where we only have to worry about mouse and touch input, and unlike Cardboard where we only have to worry about one button, we can do anything in VR: grab, throw, rub, flip, poke, stretch, press, etc. Going further, mixed reality, trackers, and custom controllers provide even more creativity in interaction!

What we can do in this section is go over existing components for common interactions. And we can show how these input-based and interaction-based components are built in order to give us the knowledge to build our own interactions. In a sense, learn how to fish rather than being given a fish.

In the 2D Web, input and interactions are handled through (e.g., click , mouseenter , mouseleave , touchstart , touchend ). Whenever an input-based event happens, the browser will emit an event that we can listen to and handle with Element.addEventListener :

Just like the 2D Web, A-Frame relies on events and event listeners for interactivity and dynamicity. However because A-Frame is a JavaScript framework and everything is done in WebGL, A-Frame’s events are synthetic custom events that can be emitted by any component describing any event:

A-Frame’s events are synthetic custom events

A common misbelief is that we can add a click event listener to an A-Frame entity and expect it to work by directly clicking on the entity with our mouse. In WebGL, we must provide the input and interaction that provides such click events. For example, A-Frame’s cursor component creates a synthetic click event on gaze using a raycaster. Or as another example, Mayo Tobita’s mouse-cursor component creates a synthetic click event when clicking directly on the entity using a raycaster.

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We’ll first go over gaze-based interactions. Gaze-based interactions rely on rotating our heads and looking at objects to interact with them. This type of interaction is for headsets without a controller. Even with a rotation-only controller (Daydream, GearVR), the interaction is still similar. Since A-Frame provides mouse-drag controls by default, gaze-based can sort of be used on desktop to preview the interaction by dragging the camera rotation.

With Brotherhood

by Concurrence

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released September 15, 2017 Produced by Concurrence and Jon Estes Engineered by Jon Estes (December 2015) Mixed and Mastered by Jon Estes at The Bomb Shelter (August 2016) Graphic Design by Tracy Maurice Concurrence photos by Chris Wage Paul Horton : Fender Rhodes Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Yamaha Acoustic Upright Piano, Hammond Melodion, effects, hand claps, percussion Greg Bryant : Squire Jazz Bass Guitar (electric), Boulder Creek Bass Guitar (acoustic), glockenspiel, hand claps, percussion Tommy Crane : drums, cymbals, percussion, hand claps, glockenspiel Rod McGaha : trumpet on "Shelltoe" Jon Estes : cello on "Line of Sight" Elizabeth Estes : violin on "Line of Sight" (C)Watchman Music 2017
all rights reserved


avant-garde instrumental avant-pop Nashville

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Concurrence Nashville, Tennessee

Concurrence is a brotherhood of spirit and ideas reflected through music. Co-leaders keyboardist Paul Horton (touring member ... of Alabama Shakes) and electric bassist Greg Bryant challenge and inspire listeners through their earthy yet probing approach to composition and spontaneous exploration. Concurrence's debut full-length release is "With Brotherhood" featuring drummer Tommy Crane. ... more more

With Brotherhood
Sep 2017

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